Sunday, November 9, 2014

VII Class Unit-I - Project Work

H. Project
Conduct a Survey
Study the following questionnaire and discuss the points in small groups.

Is  home a place where
Don’t know
you feel secure and happy?     

you can be alone?     

you can keep all your things?     

you can bring up a family?

you can invite friends / relatives?     

you can make a noise if you want to?     

you can do whatever you like?     

you are in peace?     

you can look after your parents?     

you give and receive love?     

Contact people in your school / your locality and put these questions to them.
Collect information by ticking in the relevant column.

Analyze the results in the group and write a brief report on the result of your survey.
Use phrases such as the following:
Most people  think  that __________________________________________  .
A few people think that _________________________________________ .
Hardly anyone thinks that ________________________________________ .
No  one  thinks  that  ______________________________________________  .

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