Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse - Glossary & Comprehension

country (n)                  :       village/an area outside towns or cities with fields and farms.
affectionately (adv)    :        lovingly / showing caring feelings and love
pack(v)                       :        to put clothes etc. into a bag in preparation for a trip away from home
uncomfortable (adj)    :       unpleasant
grumble (v)                 :       to complain about something in a bad-tempered way
chug (v)                      :        to move making the sound of an engine
dreadful (adj)              :       very bad / unpleasant

I. Answer the following questions:
  1. Why did the town mouse want to go to the countryside?
  2. Describe the town mouse’s experience at  the countryside.
  3. What differences do you find between the country and the town?
  4. How can you say that the town mouse could not enjoy the dinner  offered by the country Mouse?
  5. What would happen if the person who opened the cupboard  found any of the mice?
  6. Why did the town mouse travel in an ordinary train?
  7. Why did the country mouse go back to his house in the country?
  8. How can you say that the town mouse was not comfortable in the country?
  9. How are the streets of a town different from those of a village?
  10. Describe the life style of the country mouse in two or three sentences.
  11. “The town mouse and the country mouse  did not visit each other again.” Why? Give reasons  for your answer.

II.  Choose the best answer from the choices given to complete each sentence.

  1. The town mouse and the country mouse are …    (           )
(a) friends (b) cousins (c) classmates

  1. The house of the town mouse was …                      (           )
(a) a field in a village
(b) a building in a village
(c) a kitchen cupboard in a town

  1. The house of the town mouse was …                      (           )
(a) full of the most delicious food
(b) full of sugar-canes and roots
(c) full of coconut water

  1. At the end of the story the country mouse…         (           )
(a) went back to his country
(b) stayed in the town
(c) visited the town mouse

III. Say whether the following statements are TRUE / FALSE. Correct the wrong statements.
1. The country mouse lives in a town.                                                             (              )
2. The town mouse feels very comfortable in the train.                                  (              )
3. It was hot when the town mouse travelled to the countryside.                    (              )
4. The town mouse liked to eat cooked food.                                                  (              )
5. There are more lights, cars and lorries in the town than in the village.       (              )

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