Friday, November 14, 2014

The Miser - Listening and Speaking

F. Listening and Speaking
Your teacher will read the story ‘The Miser’.  Listen carefully and answer the following questions:
  1. Why did the rich man eat cheap food?
  2. Did the rich man like the smell of fish? Do you think he likes eating fish too?
  3. *If you had a lot of money, would you be a miser? Giver reasons.
  4. “Please cook it every day.  I like the smell very much.” Who said this?
  5. *Do you think the watchman is honest? Support your answer.

  1. Work in groups. Some groups can work on scene 1. and the others on scene 2. Rehearse and then present it before the class.
  2. Put yourself in the shoes of Tenali Raman and narrate what had happened in the court.

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