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The Inventor of Inventors - Listening and Speaking

F. Listening and Speaking
Your teacher will read the passage ‘The Inventor of Inventors.’ Listen carefully and answer the questions given below:

I. Say whether the following statements are true or false.
1. When Edison was twelve, he established a school.                                                   (              )
2. Edison discovered an important scientific principle known as the Edison Effect.    (              )
3. Edison was a poor observer.                                                                                       (              )
4. Edison’s father was a school teacher.                                                                         (              )
5. Edison loved to mix liquids and powders to observe the reaction.                            (              )

II. Here is a list of inventions. Put a (   ) against them if it was invented by Edison.

Name of the Invention 

light bulb 


electric engine 

watermark pen 


pedestal fan 

printing machine 




power generator

III. Group work
  1. Thomas Alva Edison invented electric bulb. If there were no electric bulbs, how would be our life?
  2. Debate  the  following proposition:
‘Science has proved to be more a curse than a blessing.’ Divide the groups    into two sets.  One set of students speak in favour of the motion and the other against it. They may use the words / expressions listed in the box.

at the outset
may I begin by saying that
in his speech Mr. X said that
first of all
I look at it this way
I now draw your attention to
I’d like to explain
on the one hand / on the other hand
the subject before us today
now because of this we have to support
I must add that
and for all these reasons, I propose
to conclude
I must take strong exception to
and there are similar cases such as

IV. Listen to the conversation between Sindhu and Mary.
Sindhu : Mary, where have you been all the week?
Mary     : Um…I had been to Hyderabad.
Sindhu : Hyderabad? Why? Why did you go there?
Mary     : You know, my uncle lives there. I went there to visit him.
Sindhu : That’s nice. But did you visit any place?
Mary     : Oh!Yes, I  visited  a museum . It’s wonderful.
Sindhu : Really! What kind of museum is it?
Mary     : It’s a science museum.
Sindhu : Science museum? But it should be boring.
Mary     : Not a bit. I learnt a lot about many interesting things. You must see it.
Sindhu : Is it that much interesting? Could you tell me something more about it?
Mary     : Oh! It takes a long time. Now I am in a hurry. I will talk about it later.

Now work with your partner and ask and answer questions about the science fair that may have been organised in your school or district. Use the following questions too.

  1. When did you go to the science fair?
  2. What things did you see there?
  3. Which was the most interesting thing you noticed there?

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