Friday, November 14, 2014

Tenali Paints a Horse - Writing

D. Writing
  1. Imagine that you were the King Krishnadevaraya.  Now give an account of what had happened in your court.  You can start like this:
One day, an artist came to my court and showed me some paintings.  They were very beautiful.
I liked them very much.  Everyone in the court liked them except Tenali Raman…

How well did I write?
Fill in the boxes using yes/ somewhat/ no.
I was able to explain / describe / narrate well.

The sentences I used were properly connected.

I was able to express my ideas in apt words.

The ideas were arranged in proper sequence.

I used proper punctuation marks.

How well did I edit my work?
Fill in the boxes using yes/ somewhat/ no.
I deleted the excess words.

I corrected the wrong forms of words.

I corrected the punctuation errors.

I added new words wherever necessary.

I corrected the misspelt words.