Friday, November 14, 2014

Tenali Paints a Horse - Project

H. Project
  1. Read one or two stories about Tenali Raman and share them in your groups.
  2. Make a fun cap.

Kings have gone. Jesters have gone.  Now we have only jokers in circuses or comedy shows.  They wear fancy dresses and a round cap on their heads.  If you follow the directions given below, you can make one for you.

  1. Take a round  color drawing sheet and cut it along the dotted lines.
  2. Hold both the corners of the sheet and overlap the cut parts to fit like a cap. Use two paper clips to hold the shape or apply gum along the edge to fix.
  3. Decorate your cap by pasting shapes of different colours. (e.g. triangles, flowers, squares, circles, etc.)
  4. Cut long strips of different colours.
  5. Make a small cut on the top of your cap and push the ends of the long strips inside through the hole and paste them inside.

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