Thursday, November 13, 2014

Puru the Brave - Writing

D.  Writing
  1. Given below are some jumbled sentences. Rearrange them in the right order and write a meaningful paragraph by using appropriate connectives.
  1. Alexander asked Puru why he had rejected his offer.
  2. Alexander defeated many kings besides Puru, became the world conqueror,  and was called Alexander the Great.
  3. Alexander was born  in Greek and he was  the disciple of  the greatest Greek philosopher, Aristotle.
  4. Puru lost the battle though his generals and soldiers fought very bravely.
  5. Alexander asked his generals to remove the chains and bring Puru to him.
  6. Puru killed more than one hundred soldiers but he was gravely injured and chained in the battle.
  7. Puru lost the battle as he had used the oldest methods of warfare and elephants.
  8. Puru said that he was the lawful owner of his kingdom.
  9. Puru was a brave king and a great soldier of Northern India.
  10. Alexander liked Puru’s bravery and self-respect , so he became his best friend.
  11. There was a great battle between Alexander and Puru on the banks of Jhelum.
  12. Alexander asked Puru to be his vassal but he refused.
  1. Rewrite the drama as a short story. You may follow the steps given below:
Read the drama script as many times as necessary
  1. Identify the major events depicted in the drama
  2. Take turn and share the major events in the order they occur
  3. Expand each event in terms of
    • The location where it takes place
    • The characters involved
    • What they say / think / feel
  1. Write the first draft
  2. Edit and refine the draft
How well did I write?
Fill in the boxes using yes/ somewhat/ no.
I was able to explain / describe / narrate well.

The sentences I used were properly connected.

I was able to express my ideas in apt words.

The ideas were arranged in proper sequence.

I used proper punctuation marks.

How well did I edit my work?
Fill in the boxes using yes/ somewhat/ no.
I deleted the excess words.

I corrected the wrong forms of words.

I corrected the punctuation errors.

I added new words wherever necessary.

I corrected the misspelt words.

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