Thursday, November 13, 2014

Puru, the Brave - Glossary & Comprehension

go down                     : to be recorded
Your Highness (n)     :  a title of respect used when talking to or about a member of the Royal family
warfare (n)                 the act  of fighting a war
Your Majesty             the way of addressing Royal people
vassal (n )                  a man promising to fight for a king in return for the right to hold land
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  1. Answer the following questions:
  1. Who is Alexander?
  2. Why did the generals and Alexander think that the battle of Jhelum would go down in the history of the world?
  3. What do you think is the reason for Indian soldiers’ defeat?
  4. Do you think that Indian generals were not as brave as the Greek generals?
  5. *Do you believe that Puru was really proud? Give reasons. Do you justify his pride? How?
  6. *If you were Alexander, what would you do with Puru?
 Tick ( ) the correct answers.
  1. Alexander asked his generals to remove the chains of Puru because       (              )
    1. he was sympathetic to Puru.
    2. he did not like a brave man like Puru in chains.
    3. Puru requested Alexander to remove his chains.
    4. Alexander did not dare  see Puru in chains.
  2. Puru did not accept Alexander’s proposal to be a vassal because            (              )
    1. he was very proud.
    2. he was very brave and patriotic.
    3. he was not very wise.
    4. he did not have respect for Alexander.
  3. Alexander made friends with Puru because,                                              (              )
    1. Puru accepted that Alexander was really great.
    2. Alexander wanted to make use of Puru’s services.
    3. Alexander liked Puru’s bravery and self-respect.
    4. Alexander was very kind.
  4. Alexander was really great because,                                                           (              )
    1. he defeated Puru
    2. he made friends with a brave king like Puru
    3. he defeated Puru, set him free, respected him, and made friends with him.
    4. he was the conqueror of the world.

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