Sunday, November 9, 2014

C.V. Raman, the Pride of India - Writing

D. Writing
I. Write a paragraph on J.C. Bose using the hints given below. You must use the right linkers to join the sentences.

J.C. Bose – Indian scientist – born 30-09-1858 – St. Xavier’s School, Calcutta – abroad for higher studies – returned in 1885 – published a monograph, Response in the Living and Non-living – became famous – Fellow of the Royal Society in 1920 – wireless telegraphy in 1895 – the Crescograph – plants have life – the Bose Institute in Calcutta – devoted to the study of plants – died  23-11- 1937.

Share your draft with your partner and refine your draft in the light of the suggestions offered by him.

How well did I write?
Fill in the boxes using yes/ somewhat/ no.
I was able to explain / describe / narrate well.

The sentences I used were properly connected.

I was able to express my ideas in apt words.

The ideas were arranged in proper sequence.

I used proper punctuation marks.

How well did I edit my work?
Fill in the boxes using yes/ somewhat/ no.
I deleted the excess words.

I corrected the wrong forms of words.

I corrected the punctuation errors.

I added new words wherever necessary.

I corrected the misspelt words.

II. The passage given below has a few errors in the use of capital letters, verbs, prepositions and articles.  Edit the passage by underlining  the incorrect parts and writing them correctly over the space available.  The first one is done for you.

Raman was borne born on November 7, 1888, in tiruchirapalli at tamil nadu. He finishes his m.a.  course  at Presidency  college  in  chennai. He  became member  of  the  Indian association  for cultivation of science. He took up a administrative  job in the finance ministry in Calcutta. He was elected  to the royal society of London in 1924 and the british government made him a knight of the british empire in 1929. He was  first indian  scholor who studied wholly in india   and received the nobel prize.

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