Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Trip to Andaman - Writing

D. Writing
I. Arrange  the  following  sentences  in  proper  sequence  using  appropriate connectors and replacing ‘we’ with ‘they’.  You can add some more  information you may have liked in the passage.

  1. We visited a beach called Elephant beach.
  2. We reached Port Blair.
  3. We travelled by a ferry from Port Blair to a place called Havelock island.
  4. In the evening we boarded a ship for Port Blair.
  5. We visited Radhanagar beach.
  6. After  a while we  reached  an  exciting  place,  the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park.
  7. We had been longing to make a trip to Andaman.
  8. We visited a famous national monument, the Cellular jail.

II. Describing a place
You have read about a famous tourist place, Andaman. After reading the description don’t you feel that you have actually visited the place? This is because the author has given a vivid picture of the place through the description of the place and the activities. When you want to describe a place you need to find answers for the following questions:
  1. Where is the place located? What is it famous for?
  2. How can one reach there? How is the weather during the time of the visit?  What is the best time to visit? What things to carry? What sort of accommodation is available?
  3. What places and things can be seen on the way to the place?
  4. What are the major tourist attractions?

One of your friends wishes to visit the place you have visited recently. Write a letter to your friend describing the details mentioned above to help him make his/her trip successful.

How well did I write?
Fill in the boxes using yes/ somewhat/ no.
I was able to explain / describe / narrate well.

The sentences I used were properly connected.

I was able to express my ideas in apt words.

The ideas were arranged in proper sequence.

I used proper punctuation marks.

How well did I edit my work?
Fill in the boxes using yes/ somewhat/ no.
I deleted the excess words.

I corrected the wrong forms of words.

I corrected the punctuation errors.

I added new words wherever necessary.

I corrected the misspelt words.

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