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A Hero - Vocabulary

B.  Vocabulary
  1. Pick out synonyms from the story for each of the following words.
1. clear                  2. bravery            3. shameful        4. hide                  5. upset
6. argued             7. swore               8. unpleasant     9. tapped             10. damage

  1. Read  the  conversation given below and  fill  in  the blanks with appropriate words from the box.
grateful,               respect,               certain ,                courage,              sternly, 
afraid of, terrible,            hesitated,           disturb,                 disgraceful
Ruchira                 : I don’t know why the teacher ………….  to give his mobile number?
Suhas                    : He might be worried that you would ……..  him with your phone calls.
Ruchira                 : I have great ……..  for him. I will never behave in a…..…  manner.
Suhas                    : I am …...  that our teacher will not give his number. Anyhow,
   I like your ……………………….. . We are all …………………….  him.
Ruchira                 : I don’t think our teacher is ……… ……….  but he says everything …………..
  Once he gave me a wonderful gift so I am always …………….   to him.

  1. Read the following clues given below to complete the word ladder.






  1. Sandhya said _____________ that she hated him.
  2. Sridhar  is a ____________ boy of 10 years old.
  3. Jyothi used to sleep beside her _______________.
  4. The garden is full of ________________ coloured flowers.
  5. I met  my friend Kumar on my  _________________ home.
IV. Proverbs
A proverb is a short sentence, usually known to many people, stating something commonly experienced or giving advice. Here are some English proverbs:
  • Tit for tat.
  • Where there is a will there is a way.
  • A bad workman always blames  his tools.
Every language has proverbs. In Telugu we call them ‘saamethalu’.  Here is one example from Telugu:
‘kukka kaatuki cheppu debba’.   It is important to know the meaning of a proverb before you use it.

Match the parts under A and B to make some proverbs. You can use the clues given within the brackets.
                A                                                                                 B
  1. An apple a day(search for a profession) [              ]              a. is a friend indeed.
  2. A friend in need (rhymes with friend)    [              ]              b. saves nine.
  3. Failure is (search for ‘achievement’)      [              ]              c. mightier than the sword.
  4. A stitch in time (search for a number)    [              ]              d. keeps the doctor away.
  5. The pen is (search for a weapon)            [              ]              e. the stepping stone to success.
  6. Empty vessels (search for noise)            [              ]              f. the mighty ocean.
  7. Little drops of water make                      [              ]              g. seldom  bite.
  8. Honesty (ends with ‘cy’)                         [              ]              h. while the sun shines.
  9. Make hay (search for planet)                   [              ]              i. is the best policy.
  10. Barking dogs (search for what dogs do)  [              ]              j. make much  noise

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