Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Hero - Glossary & Comprehension

crossly (adv)
a little angrily
scowl (n)
an angry look or expression.
porch (n)
a covered entrance to a building; a verandah.
sternly (adv)
seriously and strictly.
disgraceful (adj)
very bad; shameful.
tiptoed (v)
walked quietly on the tips of his toes
curled (v)
drew up his legs close to the body and curved his back
snoring (v)
breathing roughly and noisily while sleeping
stirred (v)
moved slightly
groaned (v)
made a deep sad sound.
pleaded (v)
spoke in the boy’s support
scorpions (n)
small creatures with a poisonous sting in the long tail
someone or something which seems stupid
tumbling (v)
falling helplessly
scout (n)
one who is trained in doing acts of public service
notorious (adj)
well-known for some bad quality or act
faint (v)
likely to lose consciousness
crouched (v)
bent the knees close to the body in fear
encased (v)
covered himself closely
crawled (v)
moved slowly, keeping the body close to the ground

How well did I read?
Fill in the boxes using yes/ somewhat/ no.
I enjoyed reading the passage.

I got the idea of the passage on my own.

I got the idea with the help of my friends in the group.

The teacher helped me to understand the passage.

I used the glossary given at the end of the passage.

  1. Answer the following questions:
  1. According to the news paper’s report who fought with the tiger?
  2. *Can you say why Swami’s father read the news to his son?
  3. *Did Swami believe the story? Give reasons for your answer.
  4. What did Swami’s father ask him to prove?
  5. Why did Swami try to change the topic when his father asked him to sleep alone?
  1. Read the following sentences and say whether they are true or false. Write T for  true  and  F  for  false  statements  in  the  brackets.   Correct  the  false statements.
  1. Swami said that he would sleep alone from the next week.                     (              )
  2. Swami’s father looked like a ghost in darkness.                                       (              )
  3. When Swami was snoring, his grandmother pulled the blanket away.     (              )
  4. Swami was really afraid of darkness.                                                        (              )
  5. Swami wished that the tiger had killed the boy.                                        (              )
  1. Tick the correct option to make the sentence true.
  1. Swami was almost faint with fear because
    1. his father would beat him.           c) a ghost entered his room.
    2. he was afraid of ghosts.               d) he had a terrible dream.
  2. Swami clutched the leg of ………………………….
    1. his father.           b) his grandmother.        c) a chair.             d) the thief.

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