Monday, July 21, 2014

The Tattered Blanket (Glossar & Comprehension)

futile  (adj)                  : unsuccessful
huddled (v)                  : held arms and legs close because of fear or cold.
reluctantly (adv)         : not willing to do something
screwing up eyes (v)   : narrowing the eyes to look more carefully
on toes (idm)               : busy, ready to work
mumbling (v)             : speaking unclearly and quietly
exasperatedly (adv)    : very annoyed
kesariyogam  (n)        :       well settled (in Malayalam)
tattered (adj)             : torn
irritation (n)                : annoyance

Answer the following questions.
1. Why didn’t the mother recognize Gopi and how did he feel?
*2. Why do you think Gopi didn’t get anything for his mother?
3. The mother could not remember Gopi. Do you think Gopi remembered his mother? What does it suggest?
4. What is meant by the expression the ‘tattered blanket’?
*5. Why didn’t Gopi answer his sister’s question, ‘Do you remember your Amma ?
*6. If you were Gopi’s sister, how would you respond to his behaviour ?

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