Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Story of Ikat - Vocabulary

I. Read  the  following  sentences.
V.V.S. Lakshman is a top class batsman.
Sruthi is in class VIII.
We have ten minutes left for the show.
The minutes of every official meeting remain an important document.
The words underlined in the above sentences have the same spelling but they differ in meaning. These words are called  Homographs.
Find the meaning of the following homographs with the help of a dictionary.
1.       fair (adj)                    ________________________________
fair (noun)                  ________________________________
2.       mind (noun                ________________________________
mind (verb)                 ________________________________
3.       quiet (adj)                  ________________________________
quiet (noun)                ________________________________

II. Use the above homographs in your own sentences.
  1. ________________________________________________________________
  1. ________________________________________________________________
  1. ________________________________________________________________

III. Read  the  following  sentences  carefully.
The students have some knowledge about ‘Ikat’.
This sum from chapter III is very tough.
The words underlined in the above sentences have the same pronunciation but differ
in spelling and meaning. Such words are called Homophones.

Read the following passage carefully and replace the underlined words with correct homophones.

One day Janaki teacher said to the class, “We all no that the boy in the blew dress has one the best student price for this year.” She added this is the write hour to felicitate him. Here is the gift for the boy but can anyone help me to untie the not of the died ribbon. One boy came forward and helped her. There is a wonderful gift inside the box!

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