Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Story of Ikat - Glossary & Comprehension

mandatory  (adj)         :               compulsory
wonder (v)                  :               wish to know
drab ( adj)                   :               dull
pelt (v)                        :               throw; shoot
giggle (v)                    :               laugh in a silly way
babble (n)                   :               a talk difficult to understand
pensive (adj)               :               serious
hesitantly (adv)           :               unwillingly/uncertainly
expectantly (adv)        :               hopeful of something
intersect  (v)                :               crossing each other at a point
headgear (n)                :               a piece of cloth worn on head
jubilant (adj)                :               showing great happy
resolve (v)                   :               solve
knot (n)                        :               fastening
vibrant (adj)                 :               active
compelling (adj)          :               extremely interesting

Answer  the  following questions.
  1. What is the main theme of the story?
  2. How is chitiki rumal used by different people?
  3. The teacher became silent when she was discussing handloom? Why?
  4. Children’s attention was divided between her words and fabrics as she opened silk patola sari. Why?
  5. The writer described some designs, historical things and the weaving. Which part of the story do you like most?

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