Monday, July 21, 2014

The Selfish Giant - Part-2 (Glossary & Comprehension)

linnet bird (n)    : a small brown and grey bird
hail (n)                  : small balls of ice that fall like rain
cease (v)              : stop happening
twittering (v)     : making a series of short high sounds
sneeze (v)           : suddenly expel air from the nose and mouth due to irritation  in one’s nostrils
feeble  (adj)       : lacking strength
hath (v)                : has (old usage)
thee (pro)           : you (old usage)
slay (v)                  : kill
thou (pro)           : you (as the singular subject of a verb)

 I. Answer  the  following questions.
1. How is the ‘child’ different from other children?
2. How  does  the  narrator  explain  the  idea  of  spring  time? Pick  out  some expressions.
3. What are the figurative expressions used in the play? List them and mention their significance.
4. What is the central theme of the play?
II. Complete the following sentences choosing the correct answers from the  choices given below.
1. Both ‘The grass stood beautiful flowers like stars’ and ‘the peach-trees broke into blossoms’  refer to ______.
a) autumn                           b) spring                              c) winter
2. The Giant observed the children ______.
a) hiding in the garden       b) playing in the garden      c) dancing in the garden
3. The Giant knew the spring had arrived from _______.
a) song of a linnet bird       b) sounds made by the children       c) blossoms in the garden
4. The little boy ______.
a) called the Giant by gesturing     b) flung hands around the neck c) ran towards the Giant
5. ‘What a marvelous sight is this?’ is said by_______.
a) the children                   b) the little boy                    c) the Giant

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