Monday, July 21, 2014

The Selfish Giant - Part-1 (Glossary & Comprehension)

peach trees (n)      : trees bearing round fruit with soft red and yellow skin.
spring time (n)      : the season between winter and summer when plants begin to grow
delicate blossoms (n.phr)  : tender flowers
castle (n)             : large, strong building with strong and thick walls
trespassers  (n)    : persons who go into land without permission
whispering (v)   : speaking quietly
scatter  (v)         : disperse, spread over
cloak (n)            : a type of coat that has no sleeves
wrapped (v)       : covered or dressed
rejoiced  (v)       : expressed great happiness
chimney-pot (n) : a short, wide pipe placed on top of a chimney
delightful (adj)   : very pleasant, charming

Answer  the  following questions.
1. What are the major characters in the play?
2. Why do you think children have been named as ‘tall girl’, ‘round boy’, ‘square girl etc.?
3. Who are the two giants in the  play?
4. How can you say that the giant is selfish?

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