Monday, July 21, 2014

The Selfish Giant - Grammar

Read  the  following  sentences.
1. He is swimming in a pool.
2. Swimming is good for health.

In two sentences you notice that verbs are used with ‘-ing’.  Do you notice any difference in them?
In the first sentence the verb + ing is preceded by is. The verbs is in progressive form.
In the second sentence you don’t find is, are, was or were with verb + ing.
Such verbs with ‘-ing’ without helping verbs are known as ‘Gerunds’. They are normally in the subject position or object position.

I. Identify the gerunds in the following sentences.
1. The North Wind ceased roaring.
2. The Child did not see the giant coming.
3. I heard the children whispering outside the wall on their way to school.
4. Why is the Spring  so late in coming?
5. Walking makes healthy and wealthy.

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