Monday, July 21, 2014

Project work - VIII Class -II

Project Work

In your village/city you may come across children who are working in some households, factories,  shops, hotels  and  construction work  for daily wages. Collect  the  following information about one child. Make a brief profile of the child you have met and present it in the class.

Age                                                         :
Gender (M/F)                                         :
Nature of work he/she is engaged in      :
Wages                                                     :
No. of working hours                             :
Why did he/she take up the work?         :
Has he/she ever gone to school?            :
At what level did he/she drop out?        :
Is he/she willing to join school?             :

Work in groups and analyze the data by using the following questions and present it before your class.
1. Why do children take up jobs?
2. How poorly are they paid?
3. How many are willing to leave the work and join school?

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