Monday, July 21, 2014

Oliver asks for More - Writing

Anne Frank was a little girl of thirteen. She was as lonely as Oliver Twist. When the German army invaded her country, she had to hide  in a small building with her family . She suffered a lot. She recorded her feelings and thoughts in her diary.

                Friday, 1st October, 1942.
                Just for fun, I am going to tell you each person’s first wish, when we are allowed to go out again. Mrs. Van says, ‘If I go out, I’ll eat cream cakes.’ Dussel says, ‘If I am let free, I’ll run to see my wife Lotje.’ Mummy says, ‘I will have a cup of coffee.’ Peter says, ‘I will go to the  cinema.’ I long for so many things. But I long for a home of our own.

1. What did Anne write in her diary?
  • personal feelings/thoughts/reflections
  • events other than routine
  • future plans
2. Did you notice any variety in the sentences ?
3. Are all the sentences connected with each other properly ?

Imagine you are Oliver Twist. Attempt a diary entry with the above features in mind after facing the live board, Oliver returned to his bed crying. He sat up to write his diary.

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