Monday, July 21, 2014

Oliver Asks for More - Vocabulary

I. Look at the underlined part in the following sentence.
“You have come here to be educated…” said the red-faced gentleman.
The word ‘red-faced’ is called a Compound Adjective.
The phrase ‘red-faced gentleman’ is a short form of  ‘a gentleman with a red face’.

1. Pick out  the phrases with Compound Adjectives  from  the story or elsewhere and write how they can be rewritten to express the same meaning.
a.  _____________________________________________________
c.  _____________________________________________________

2. Change  the underlined parts  in  the  following paragraph  into compound adjectives. Rewrite the paragraph in your note book.
Sachin Tendulkar is a cricketer who is famous all over the world. He is a batsman playing with right hand. He has many world records to his credit which are mind blowing. Besides all these, he is a person with a kind heart. He works with an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) based in Mumbai to help more than 200 orphans every year.

3. Fill  in  the blanks with  appropriate  compound  adjectives  from the box given below.
deep-rooted,   old-fashioned,   well-mannered,   softspoken,   brand-new

Latha is a _________________ girl. She speaks kindly with her classmates. Look at her, she is wearing an ______________ dress. She does not like to wear ___________ dresses. Don’t you think Latha is a ___________ girl?

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