Monday, July 21, 2014

Oliver asks for More - Glossary & Comprehension

beadle (n) : an official of a church
parish (n) : a church committee
oakum (n) : loose fibre obtained by untwisting and picking apart old ropes
surly (adj) : serious or angry
gruel (n) : a thin liquid food of oats, rice, etc.
devoured (v) : ate hungrily or quickly
appetite (n) : the desire to eat, hunger
voracious (adj) : wanting great quantities of food
stupefied (adj) : shocked
paralyzed (v) : became motionless
ladle (n) : a long handled spoon used to serve liquids
countenance (n) : a person’s face or facial expression
confinement (n) : putting in a prison or a closed room.
apprentice (n) : one who works under a skilled person.

Answer  the  following questions.
1. How did Oliver feel when he was told to appear before the live board?
2. Why did Oliver tremble and cry in the white-washed room?
3. “What is that, sir?” inquired poor Oliver. What does ‘that’ refer to?
*4. What kind of people were the members of the board? Justify your opinion.
5. What main differences do you notice between the children and master? (Observe the physical appearances, dress, behaviour, etc.) What can you infer from these differences?
6. How do you look at Oliver’s request, “Please, sir, I want some more!”? What compelled him to say this?
7. What happened to Oliver at the end of the story?
*8. Do you find children like Oliver around you ? How would you help them to live better?

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