Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dr. Dwarakanath Kotnis - Glossary & Comprehension

adulation (n)
admiration; praise
virulent (adj)
shy away (phr.v)
avoid something that you dislike
epilepsy (n)
a disease of the nervous system that causes a person to fall unconscious
revered (v)
respected  or admired deeply
commemorate (v)
keep a great person, event etc. in people’s memories
vivacious (adj)
venerated (v)
septuagenarian (n)
a person who crossed 70 years
memorabilia (n)
objects that are collected in memory of persons and events

I. Answer  the  following questions.
  1. Why was Dr. Kotnis  sent to China?
  2. What was Dr. Kotni’s contribution to the Dr. Bethune International Peace Hospital in China?
  3. Why did Dr. Kotnis opt to stay back in China?
  4. How did Chinese show their gratitude towards Dr. Kotnis?
  5. Why was Mrs. Kotnis a regular invitee at the Indian Embassy functions in China?
  6. *What sort of person , do you think, Dr. Kotnis was?  What are your impressions about  him?
II. Read  the passage about Dr. Kotnis again and  fill  in  the  form given below.
  1. Name                      :
  2. Year  of birth         :
  3. Place of birth         :
  4. Occupation             :
  5. Nationality             :
  6. Wife’s name           :
  7. Places of work and the positions held        :
  8. Honours given by China and India            :
  9. Date of death          :

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