Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bonsai life - Grammar

  1. Read  the  sentences.
    1.   Akkayya        grew accustomed to village life.
    2.  I      went into the kitchen.
The words in circles are subjects. The words underlined are predicates.
  1. Circle the subjects and underline the predicates.
    1. The girls danced.
    2. The dark clouds filled the sky.
    3. Shiva drove a silver Toyota.
  2. Identify subjects and predicates in each of the sentence in the following paragraph.
The narrator felt very happy to receive her sister and brother-in-law, who came to stay with them. They brought many things with them. Akkaya made special dishes for her sister’s husband, which he liked very much. She praised her sister for being employed and making  her living. She was very sorry about her position at home. One day the narrator showed her Bonsai plants and explained how they are grown but she did not like it. On a rainy day many people gathered under a tree to take shelter. Showing this, Akkaya made the narrator understand the importance of freedom in one’s life.

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