Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bonsai life - Glossary

Part - I
exhaustion (n)            : extreme tiredness
vanish (v)                   : disappear
mutter (v)                   : complain about something privately
savour (n)                   : taste
elated (adj)                 : very happy, excited
sumptuous (adj)         : grand
wretched (adj)            : very unhappy, miserable
uphill (adj)                 : difficult
dignified (adj)            : deserving respect

Part - II
adept (adj)         : a natural ability to do something skilfully
drudgery (n)      : hard, boring work
stunted (v)         : prevented from growth
perplex (v)         : confuse
canopy (n)         : a cover fixed over something for shelter
squall (n)           : a strong wind
rage (n)              : violent anger
respite  (n)         : a short period of rest
nought (n)          : nothing / zero

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