Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bonsai life - Comprehension

Part - I
I. Tick () the statements that are true.
  1. The narrator receives letters very frequently.
  2. The letter brought the news of the narrator’s sister and brother-in-law’s arrival.
  3. The narrator’s husband was very happy to hear the news of the visitors.
  4. Akkayya was not interested to continue her studies.
  5. The narrator’s husband likes the traditional food of Andhra Pradesh.
II. Answer the following questions.
  1. “The moment I see letters….. can’t contain my excitement.” Why does the narrator get excited?
  2. What change did the narrator observe in his father’s attitude towards education over a  decade?
  3. Why was Akkayya determined to send her daughter to college?
  4. In what way is the narrator more fortunate than her sister?
  5. *Can one be independent without a job or earning? Justify your answer.

Part - II
  1. Complete the statements giving more than one reason.
1. Girls should be educated like boys because...
a) __________________
b) __________________
c) __________________

2. Fully grown trees are more useful because...
a) __________________
b) __________________
c) __________________

  1. Answer  the  following questions.
1. Why was Akkayya perplexed?
2. How is a bonsai reared?
3. What similarities do you notice between the Bonsai tree and the working women?
4. What made the narrator feel the urge to free the Bonsai?
5. What is the central theme of ‘Bonsai Life’?

  1. Make a list of activities done by a homemaker and a working woman.
Working Woman

  1. Put  a  tick  (✓) mark  against  the most  appropriate meaning  for  the phrases given below.
  1. ‘… to keep the washerman’s account’ means
a)      to take care of household work.
b)      to count clothes.
c)       to maintain the washerman’s account.
  1. ‘... uphill task’  means
a)      high quality work.
b)      a difficult job.
c)       working on a hill.
  1. ‘…… grass is greener on the other side’ means
a)      the grass on this side is green.
b)      others are as good as we are.
c)       others are in a better position than us.
  1. ‘…like a scorpion under a slipper’ means
a)      killing a scorpion with a slipper.
b)      being guided and controlled.
c)       feeling totally suppressed.

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