Wednesday, July 23, 2014

VIII Class - Unit-VIII - Project Work

Project Work
There are many old age homes  in our  society. Visit any one of  them and interview any two persons.
Before you conduct an interview, prepare a questionnaire centred around  the following items.
  1. Name
  2. Age
  3. Gender
  4. Social background
  5. Reasons for coming to the old age home
  6. Food served
  7. Opinion about old age home
  8. Other care
  9. Improvements suggested

Write a report based on the interview and present it before the class.

Be Thankful - Comprehension

Answer  the  following questions.
  1. The poet depicts the different situations/aspects of  life where we need to be thankful, What are they?
  2. *Do you agree to the poet’s ideas? Yes / No? Give reasons.
  3. *How do the difficulties help us to grow? When will the troubles become blessings?

VIII Class - Unit-VIII - Oral Activity

Oral Activity
If you get an opportunity  to propose a  ‘Vote of Thanks’ after completing  the Enrolment Programme. How would you do it?
Prepare ‘Vote of Thanks’ to thank Mr. Rajkumar, Mrs. Christina, and all other participants.
  • Introduction of the Programme
  • About the participants and the service they offered during the Programme.
  • Their role in making the Programme a great success.
  • Thanking each and everyone referring to their role in the Programme.
  • Requesting  the extension of their service in future.

VIII Class - Unit-VIII - Listening

Listen to your teacher. She/he will read out an announcement made by the headmaster of a Govt. High School then answer the following questions.
  1. What is the announcement about?
  2. Who are the special guests joining their mission?
  3. What are the students asked to do in the progamme?
  4. Why does the headmaster call it a mission?

Dr. Dwarakanath Kotnis - Writing

Developing Headlines.
When writing a news report for a newspaper, or your school News Board, the headline is the first and foremost impression you make on your reader. Therefore, writing a headline is a critical and creative art.

Most of the people read only the headlines while reading a newspaper, to get the gist of the news.

  • Headlines often contain a noun phrase with no verb.
  • Head lines may have noun strings (several nouns put together).
  • Various changes are made in the headlines.
  • The simple tense form is used instead of the continuous or perfect form.
  • The infinite form refers to the future.
  • The auxiliary verb is dropped in the passive form.
  • Articles are dropped; full-stops are not placed after headlines.
  • Head lines may contain initials and abbreviations.
e.g:        Prime Minster’s advice
e.g:        Man snatches woman’s chain
e.g:        Andhra Pradesh State Board Examination Results Declared.
e.g:        Hyderabad celebrates kite festival
e.g:        Chief Minister to inaugurate Craft Bazars
e.g:        Passengers injured seriously in Nellore train accident
e.g:        India to host SAARC meet in U.P

  1. Now write  a  headline  for  each  of  the  following  news  reports.
Remember to pick out only the main idea or words from the sentence.
Hyderabad: with an alarming rise in cases of missing people, especially women and children, since 2009, the Andhra Pradesh Police have stepped up measures to trace them in co-ordination with various agencies and police forces.
The full moon that rises on this Friday night, August 31,2012, will be a Blue Moon. That’s what it has been dubbed as in modern folklore of the west. But will it actually be blue?
“ If you look at the last three months, I am really practising well. I am looking forward to playing my first game after a year.
Next time your cell phone runs out of battery, you can charge it by just holding it in your hands as the scientist claims to have developed a new technology that turns body heat into electricity.
  1. Look at the picture where students are serving in old age home.

Discussion points.
  1. Do old people go to old age homes on their own or are they forced to go there?
  2. What are the conditions which make people leave their own homes and go to an old age home?
  3. In what way are the conditions at an old age home different from those at home?
  4. Are there any ways to prevent the old people from going to old age homes?
  1. Now write an article based on the following hints.
  • What are old age homes?
  • Why do old people go there?
  • Facilities at the old age homes
  • Compare facilities at home and old age homes