Saturday, May 31, 2014

What Is My Name? - Grammar

I. Agreement between Subject and Verb

Read the following sentences and notice the underlined parts.
1. Ever since we were born, we have known only this.
2. The letters that are only in father's name.
3. The housewife was disappointed.
4. Your name is Satyanarayana Murthy.

As you know, the underlined words in the above sentences are verbs. In sentences 1 and 2, the verbs are in plural. In sentences 3 and 4, the verbs are in singular. There must be a close relation between the subject and the verb. The verb must agree to the number of the subject. In other words we call it concord. The choice of a verb primarily depends on the number of the subject and the time. Singular subjects are followed by singular verbs and plural subjects are followed by plural verbs.

Use appropriate verb forms from those given in brackets.
 (i) The apples ________________ (are / is) from Simla. The taste of them ______________ (are /is) very sweet. The habit of eating apples _________ (make, makes) us healthy. Most of the rich ___________ (eat / eats) an apple a day. We don'tlike to eat an apple when the greater part of it ______ (is / are) rotten.

(ii) A large number of people ___________ (has / have) attended the meeting. The number of people ___________ (is / are) increasing at an alarming pace. The headmaster along with the members of the staff ____________ (has / have) attended it too. But neither the English teacher nor his friends __________ (has / have) attended. Each of the speakers ___________ (was / were) given only a five minutes to speak. The way the speakers _________ (has / have started their speech is really interesting. The essence of all their speeches ___________ (is /are) the same. They ______________ (have / has) spoken on national integration.

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