Friday, May 30, 2014

Unit - VI (Project Work)

Project work:
Talk to your grandparents about life fifty years ago. Talk to them as to how the plants, animals and water bodies were cared for or not cared. Seek the views of the elders and fill in the table.

Sl. No
Information to be collected
Status 50 years ago
Present status
Changes happened
Possible causes
How to protect to recover the environment



Air pollution

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  1. PLANTS: STATUS 50 YEARS AGO:plants were green with awesome look.
    PRESENT STATUS:but now a days its totally opposite.all plants are being destroyed by woodcutters.
    CHANGES HAPPENED:change is more.used to be green and now its gradually declining.
    POSSIBLE CAUSES:we already know that we get oxygen from plants so obviously oxygen rate decreases.
    HOW TO PROTECT OR RECOVER THE ENVIRONMENT:by stopping wood cutters cutting the plants.Growing more trees.SO GO GREEN
    ANIMALS:STATUS 50 YEARS AGO:there were many animals in this is some what related to plants.they were living happily.
    PRESENT STATUS:now a days they are being seen on some streets in towns also.because we made them come here by cutting all the forests which are their shelter.
    CHANGES HAPPENED:they declined in their number;their health;attacking us for food i.e; there need.
    POSSIBLE CAUSES;see we are depending in different ways on animals for food or we may lose all these animals.
    HOW TO PROTECT OR RECOVER THE ANIMALS:by planting plants to save animals because animals are depending on for their all these are interlinked.SO GO GREEN.
    WATER BODIES:STATUS 50 YEARS AGO:we used to have plenty of water to drink or to use for different purposes.
    PRESENT STATUS:but we have used them for cleaning we ourselves polluted water.
    CHANGES HAPPENED:no sufficient water to drink.because we are constructing many buildings,individual houses, only the sand or mud can absorb the water but we have constructed buildings,individual houses.
    HOW TO PROTECT OR RECOVER THE ENVIRONMENT:by placing sand around the houses,storing water coming from rains,will make not make this to cure but atleast to prevent.
    AIR POLLUTION:STATUS 50 YEARS AGO:the air was very fresh to breath in.
    PRESENT STATUS:air is much polluted now because we damaged it by using vehicles which emit gases which pollutes air.
    CHANGES HAPPENED:we know by breathing;; that the air now a days is very much polluted,because of vehicles emitting gases.
    POSSIBLE CAUSES:problems of lungs, finally we made ourselves come to unhealthy positions.
    HOW TO PROTECT OR RECOVER THE ENVIRONMENT:stop use of more vehicles for fashion or whatever.use trains,,buses so that more no.of people can travel.