Saturday, May 31, 2014

Unit VII (Oral Activity)

Oral Activity
1) Role play
Read paragraphs 6 and 7, the episode of ill-treatment meted out to Kalam. Understand the character involved in the episode. Take the roles of the new teacher . Kalam , Ramanadha Shastry, Jainulabdeen and Lakshmana Sastry. Picturize the episode in your mind and create appropriate dialogues and role play it.

2) Group discussion
Conduct a group discussion on how 'National festivals' promote national integrity.
You may use the following points for discussion.
a) kind of festival
b) nature of celebration
c) secular aspect of celebration

Points to remember
  • Each group will have a moderator to monitor / regulate the discussion.
  • Each member of a group should take his/her turn and speak clearly, briefly and pin pointedly and use polite language.
  • While speaking make an eye contact with others.
  • Give time to the others and listen to them.
  • If a member wants to say or add a point, he/she has to raise his/ her hand and politely seek permission of the moderator.
  • The moderator has to connect the ideas expressed by the members and finally sum up.

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