Friday, May 30, 2014

Unit - VI (Listening)

Listen to the talk by an environmentalist on saving the trees and tick (..........) the correct options that will complete the statements.
  1. The Himalayas are affected by_______________________________.
a.       Environmental pollution       b) Melting of snow
  1. Himalayas are protected___________________________________.
a.       by hugging trees                      b) by stopping deforestation
  1. The name of the movement that started in 1970s and 1980s is_______________.
a.       The resistance to the Destruction of Forests
b.      Chipko movement
  1. The person who started the movement is_______________________________.
a.       Sunderlal Bahuguna                                b) Mahatma Gandhi
  1. Chipko means ___________________________________________________.
a.       To embrace                                b) Putting the bodies in the way of the contractors' axes.

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