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Unit - I (Project Work)

Project Work

You have read about Nick Vujicic who has accomplished every seemingly impossible thing in life despite having the most difficult form of disability. You have read about Narayana Murthy, who is one of the most remarkable examples to win over the unbeatable difficulties. You may also have heard or read about some remarkable Indian women such as Sudha Murthy, Sudha Chandran, Kiran Bedi and many other women who have crossed all the hurdles to become successful.


Now, work in pairs and collect information about the women who you think have excelled in their lives though they may not have come into limelight.

You may read articles in newspapers, magazines, books (autobiographies, biographies etc.), browse internet and watch TV reports on women.

Name of the women
Details eg. birth, childhood, education etc
Challenges they faced/disabilities they have / had
Remarkable achievements
The qualities that inspired you

  1. Based on the information you gather about the persons, prepare a short biographical account of the person you like the most, emphasizing the exemplary work done by him / her and present it to the group / whole class.
  1. You may also present this write up on the occasion of celebration of Woman’s Day in your school.
  1. Discuss the information in pairs and speak about one woman in the class or on the occasion of "Women's Day" in your school.
  1. On the occasion of your school anniversary your school has invited one of the above mentioned women as the Chief Guest. Assume that you were of one of the members of the school magazine committee and wanted to write an article on her and publish it in the school magazine.
  1. Develop an article on the woman whom you have invited as the Chief Guest.
The immature Project Work Done by our innocent students


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