Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Dear Departed - Writing

I. Imagine that you are the grandfather in the play. Write a letter to your friend, Mr. Tattersall inviting him to your marriage at 'Ring-o-Bells with Mrs. John Shorrocks. Don't forget to say why you are going to get married at this age.
You can include the following:
(a) Time of wedding                           (b) Place of wedding
(c) Details of the bridegroom                         (d) Behaviour of the daughters
(e) Reason for marrying at this age   (f) Cordial invitation.

II. Convert the play, 'The Dear Departed' into a story.
To adapt the story to your culture, you may make changes in the following:
(a) The names of the characters
(b) Description of costumes
(c) Things robbed by the daughter
(d) The names of the villages / towns the daughters lived

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