Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Dear Departed - Glossary

The Dear Departed - I
get her own way (idiom) : persuade other people to allow you to do what you want
D'ye                       : Do you (used in awkward situation)
precocious (adj)    : intelligent / gifted / talented
bureau (n)          : a writing desk with drawers
drive a hard bargain (idiom)        : work hard to negotiate agreements in one's own favour
daft (adj)             : stupid / silly
pinch (v)              : steal
mantelpiece (n) : a shelf projecting from the wall over the fireplace
usher (v)              : lead / show the way / welcome
complacent (adj) : self-satisfied / unconcerned
chirpily (adv)      : cheerfully and actively
snug (v)                : warm, comfortable and protected from the cold
overdue (adj)    : not paid by the expected time
swindling (v)      : cheating somebody for property or money
transfixed (v)     : became motionless in fear
chuckling (v)       : a quiet laugh of mild amusement or satisfaction
clad (adj)             : wearing a particular type of clothing
malicious (adj)   : hatred / harmful

The Dear Departed - II

gingerly (adv)        : in a careful way
poke (v)                 : push
what the devil (phrase.)  : old fashioned way of showing annoyance or displeasure. This phrase is always used in questions.
tomfoolery (n)                  : foolish or silly behaviour
what the dickens (idiom) : (old-fashioned and informal) used in questions instead of 'devil' to show that you are annoyed or surprised
vindictive whisper (n)    : talking about someone in a harsh, hasty manner
what the devil (idiom) : (old-fashioned and informal) used in questions to show that you are annoyed or surprised
double-faced (adj)       : hypocritical/ deceitful / dishonest
thumping (v)                : hitting hard
will (n)         : legal document that says what is to happen to somebody's property after his / her death
fancy (v)                       : want / feel like
consternation (n)          : unemotional and skilful
Ring-o-Bells (n)           : the name of a restaurant
handier (adj)                : easier


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