Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Dear Departed - Comprehension

The Dear Departed - I

Answer the following questions.
  1. What qualities of Mrs. Slater have you noticed?
  2. Why does Mrs. Slater decide to shift the bureau from her father's room before the arrival of the Jordans? How does Henry react to the suggestion?
  3. Why do the Jordans take a long time to get to the house of the Slaters? What does it show about the two sisters' attitude towards each other?
  4. Ben appreciates his father-in-law saying, 'It's a good thing he did'. Later, he calls him a 'drunken old beggar'. Why does he change his opinion about his father-in-law?
  5. What made Mr.Henry shocked to hear Victoria say 'Are you planning to pinch it?'?

The Dear Departed - II

I. Answer the following questions.
  1. Justify the view that the husbands of Mrs. Slater and Mrs. Jordan are men with no individuality.
  2. Discuss the irony in the title 'The Dear Departed'.
  3. List the arguments the two sisters gave to keep their father in their care.
  4. How does the spat between old man's daughters lead to father discovering the truth?
  5. List the comic elements in the play 'The Dear Departed'.
  6. In what way is the play 'The Dear Departed' a commentary on the hollowness of human relationships?
  7. What are the three things that the father plans to do on Monday next? What effect does it have on his daughters?
II. Arrange the following sentences in sequence so that a continuous narrative of the story of 'The Dear Departed' could be made.
  1. One day Mrs. Slater felt that Abel Merryweather had died.
  2. Suddenly Victoria came into the room telling that grandfather was moving.
  3. The Slatters and the Jordans wanted to ascertain if Abelwealther had paid his insurance premium.
  4. Abel Merryweathr found fault with the two daughters and wanted to change his will.
  5. Before the arrival of the Jordans, the Slaters had pinched Abel's bureau and wall clock.
  6. Victoria was sent to Abel Merrywether's room to bring the key bunch of the bureau.
  7. Abel Merryweather informed that he was going to marry Mrs. John Shorrocks.
  8. The Slaters sent a telegram to the Jordans about the death of Abel Merrywether.
III. Here is a list of traits of a personality. Tick (..........) the traits that describe Mrs. Slater's character.
(a) Greedy          (b) Overpowering            (c) Honest           (d) Sensitive       (e) Dominating
(f) Blunt               (g) Straight talking           (h) Humble         (i) Impolite          (j) Insensitive

IV. The following are the features of a one act play. Which of the following characteristics does the play 'The Dear Departed' have? Justify them.
(a) Minimal characters                                   (b) Single setting or unity of place
(c) One act with one or more scenes       (d) Focus on one incident
(e) Limited time                                                (f) Twist ending

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