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Rendezvous with Ray - Grammar

I. Arrange the following sentences to write a paragraph. You may insert appropriate linkers wherever necessary.

Stream of Comedy
In every Indian language, comedian is an essential character of films. In Telugu, Relangi and Ramanareddy provided comedy which made the audiences laugh heartily. Their appearance appealed to the film lovers.

Relangi was fat and short.
Their accent amused the film lovers.
Ramana Reddy was lean and tall.
Padmanabham and Allu Ramalingaiah followed their footsteps.
His name found place in the Guinness Book of World Records.
Rao Gopal Rao’s stint as villain-cum-comedian has been admired by all.
Mr. 101 Districts, Nutan Prasad left an indelible mark in the hearts of the audience
Ali and Sunil are comedians.
He had a world record.
Brahmanandam has had a long career,
People have been laughing.
Rajababu came later.
Sorrows of people are taking a back seat.
He amused the people for long.
They are also considered heroes.

II. Prepositions following 'adjectives' and 'verbs':
In 'Rendezvous with Ray' we come across certain verbs and adjectives followed by Prepositions. For example, acquainted with, brought out , prevented from, explained to .

Read the following sentences and observe the underlined words.
1. I am amazed at you, Victoria.
2. Victoria, a precocious girl of ten, was dressed in colours.
3. He is trying to adapt himself to the regrettable occasion.
4. He was very fond of Jimmy.
5. I am sure I am sorry for it.
6. You've been waiting for me to begin tea.
7. I see the little trifles that belonged to father lying around.
8. This always appealed to me.

In the above sentences, the underlined adjectives and verbs are usually followed by certain prepositions.
(a) Here is a list of adjectives and verbs. Tick(..........)the prepositions that follow the adjectives and the verbs.Later, use them in sentences of your own.

Adjective / Verb
Preposition(s) that follow(s)
















(b) Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions.
1. All last winter Sharath suffered __________________ coughs and colds.
2. Anand is unaccustomed _______________________________ the heat.
3. Kumar was afraid _________________________________ his enemies.
4. Sriram was always arguing ___________________________ his brother.
5. Sindhu was dedicated __________________________________ his job.
6. Priyanka was shocked ____________________ the hatred they had shown.
7. I said ____________ you I was thinking _______________ going to America.
     I actually dreamt _______________ it.
8. I want to talk __________________________ the group about their exams.
9. I was terrified ____________________________ her.
10. I've always been terribly fond ____________________________ you.
11. If you continue to support someone who is in trouble you are loyal _______ them.
12. If you don't understand any of these words, you could refer ________ a dictionary.
13. It wasn't his car, in fact I don't know who it belongs _______________________.
14. My problems are very similar _____________________________ yours.
15. People started to shout _____ the driver.
16. She had always been bad ______________ languages.
17. She listened _____ me and then told me _____ her problems.
18. The accident sadly resulted _____ the death of a man.
19. The buses are often late, so you can't depend _____ them.
20. They may feel jealous __________________ your success.

III.Read the following paragraph and notice the use of past perfect and simple past.
a) As all the actors had taken their positions, the curtain rose. They started acting as the director had asked them to. The audience enjoyed the play very much. The hero kicked the comedian since the comedian had done mischievous things. The musician fell off his chair after the comedian had fallen on him. The power went off after the musician had landed on the cables. There was darkness and silence everywhere. after a while two persons in the audience started a conversation.

b) Read the following conversation and fill in the blanks with appropriate verb forms ie., past perfect / simple past.
Sarath                                 : Oh! What ____________ (happen)? Everything __________ (be) disturbed before
  the play ____________ (come) to an end.
Bharath              : Damn it! The play ____________ (be) very interesting. Someone on the stage
                                  ___________ (do) something when the hero __________ (throw) him off.
Sarath                                 : I too _________ (see) it. It was the comedian. The hero _________ (hurl) him
  since he ______________ (do) a mischievous thing.
Bharath              : How disgusting! I _______________ (pay) one hundred rupees before
  I ___________ (enter) this theatre. Everything has become a chaos.
Sarath                                 : Where ________________ (be) the director? Had he ___________ (try) to set
   things right before the audience _______________ (start) leaving.
   It would have been nice.
Bharath              : The electrician ___________ (restore) the power before the audience
                                  ________________ (leave).

IV. Given is a paragraph with ten errors in the areas of 'concord, tense, prepositions, punctuation and articles. Edit the paragraph.

The Indian film industry have witnessed sweeping changes in the past hundred years. It started of with mute films (mookie as we call them). Even then, people liked this new form of entertainment. There was several intervals in a film show because of a single projector. Later, the technology changes made a talkie films possible. A theatre of those days is like a rice mill. This type of theatre were called 'Touring Talkies'. But these didn't tour. There were bamboo screens to served the purpose of walls of the modern theatre. Cut shows were a luxury of those days. Have you ever watch them Now, the modern theatres is completely different. Multiplexes with dts, 3D and 4D are a present reality.

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