Friday, May 30, 2014

Rendezvous with Ray - Glossary

en route (adv)   : on the way
stopover (n)       : a halt in a long journey
path-breaking (adj) : totally new
portal (n)             : an entrance
trilogy (n)            : a set of three films with the same artists or characters
Haunted (v)        : obsessed
accusation (n)    : the act of accusing somebody
detractors (n)    : people who criticise
arrogance (n)     : showing pride muster up
confidence (idiom) : gain confidence
dictum (n)           : a statement that is believed to be true and followed
analogy (n)         : a feature that is similar
aesthetics (n)    : the art of judging beauty
fallout (n)            : result
agnostic (n)        : a person who does not know whether God exists Comprehension

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