Saturday, May 31, 2014

My Childhood - Writing

I. Diary entry
Imagine that you were one of the students who witnessed the humiliation done to Kalam in the classroom. Reflect on the incident and write your emotions in your diary.

A) In the lesson , Kalam gave a brief description of his heritage.

Kalam says," I don't recall the exact number of people she( his mother) fed every day , but I am quite certain that far more outsiders ate with us than all the members of our family put together."

This shows the heritage of hospitality and kindness.

Kalam says, "events from the Ramayana and from the life of the prophet were the bedtime stories my mother and grandmother would tell the children in our family".

This shows the heritage of secular spirit.

Read the entire text and identify aspects related to the heritage of Kalam and his village.

III. Here is a letter that Moses writes to his friend Ravi from the United States of America. Imagine yourself as Ravi and give a reply.
St.John's Enclave,
St.Pauls Avenue,
Washington D.C.
Dt: 27th June, 2013.
Dear Ravi,

I am really excited to write to you after a long time. Hope this letter finds you in a cheerful mood.

Here is some good news for you . That means , I would like to visit India somewhere between October and November and stay there at at least for a month and would like to visit your place.

Since I am coming to India for the first time , I would like to know about the people, their way of dressing food they take, festivals they celebrate , music and dance they like. In fact, I have read about Indian culture through books and internet. But I would like to have some authentic information from you.

Hope I can hear from you soon.

Convey my greetings to your family.

Yours lovingly,
Moses Bridge
S/o Bose,
10-92, Nidamanuru,
Vijayawada Rural,
India - 506001.

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