Saturday, May 31, 2014

My Childhood - Vocabulary

I. Fill in the blanks with suitable words often confused given in brackets.
  1. Samsuddin helped me earn my first __________( wages / income).
  2. He received a proportion of his______________( wage/ income ) from selling tamarind seeds.
  3. He is _____________(innocent / ignorant) about technology.
  4. However he was found___________________( innocent/ ignorant)of any crime.
  5. He_______________(inherited / acquired) a bad reputation for dishonesty but he ________________(inherited / acquired) honesty and self discipline from his father .
  6. People from different backgrounds could _____________( mix/ mingle)easily. ____________________( mixed/mingled) group people do not come to an agreement.
  7. People in Rameshwaram were very______________( rigid/ adamant) in terms of segregation of different social groups . Subramania Iyer ______________(rigidly/ adamantly) opposed it.
  8. The car collided with a _________________( stationary/ stationery). We went to buy some ________________ from the book stall.
  9. She was _____________ ( envelop/ envelope) in a huge white towel.
  10. We sent an airmail _______________( envelop/ envelope) abroad.
  11. The floor was ________________(laid/ lied) with a newspaper.
  12. He _________________(laid/ lied) many times.

II. Tick (..........) the appropriate meaning of the underlined word in each sentence below.
  1. Kalam's father possessed great innate wisdom and a true generosity of spirit.
a.       hospitality                   b) nobility            c) kindness
  1. A sudden demand for tamarind seeds erupted in the market.
a.       started                         b) came up         c) appeared suddenly
  1. Our family arranged boats for carrying idols of the Lord from the temple to the marriage site, situated in the middle of the pond.
a.       place                             b) ceremony      c) feast
  1. The new teacher could not stomach a Hindu priest's son sitting with a Muslim boy.
a.       imagine                        b)permit              c)tolerate
  1. He looked utterly downcast as I shifted to my seat in the last row.
a.       onely                             b) sad                    c) disappointed
  1. Sastry bluntly asked the teacher to either apologise or quit the school.
a.       immediately               b) angrily             c) plainly
  1. The small society of Rameswaram wa very rigid in terms of the segregation of different social groups.
a.       strict                              b)firm                   c) strong
  1. Sivasubramania Iyer was not perturbed, nor did he get angry with his wife.
a.       disturbed                    b) disappointed                c) pleased
  1. India's freedom was imminent.
a.       expected                     b) necessary      c) certain

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