Saturday, May 31, 2014

My Childhood - Glossary

erstwhile ( adj)               : former
undistinguished (adj)     : not very interesting, successful or attractive
ancestral (n)                   : the race of people that you come from
austere (adj)                   : simple and plain
orthodox (adj)                : following closely the traditional beliefs and practices of a religion
summon (v)                    : to order somebody to come to you
conviction (n)                 : the act of finding somebody guilty of crime
segregation (n)                : the policy / act of separating people
conservative (adj)           : opposed to great/sudden social change
ritual (n)                          : a series of actions, specially as a part of religious ceremony
perturb (v)                       : to make worried/ anxious
confront (v)                     : to deal with a problem/ situation
optimism (n)                   : a feeling that good thing will happen Comprehension

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