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Maya Bazaar - Writing

I. Now read the review once again. Write a review of a film / a TV Programme / an episode of a TV serial you have seen.

II. Read the following letter.

Kondamudusu Palem,
27th Nov2013.
The Editor,
The Hindu,

Sir / Madam,
I am a regular reader of your esteemed newspaper. I am very much interested in reading the news in 'Friday Review' in your newspaper every week.

I am writing to bring to your notice certain feelings I had when I watched the colour version of the movie 'Mayabazaar'.

Recently 'Mayabazaar' was released again but this time it was a different 'Maybazaar', Mayabazaar-in colour!

Thanks to the Gold Stone Technologies, I was carried away to a different world of colourful visuals. Of course the audio part remained the same. But here and there the effects of digital track sound have made some difference. Such an experiment began in Hindi with 'Mughal-E-Azam' and received applause from the audience. I hope many such experiments are expected by the film lovers.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
N. Sarathchandra

ll. Write a rejoinder to the letter that appeared in the Hindu in response to the review of 'Maya Bazaar'. In your rejoinder write whether the opinion expressed in this letter is a sufficient appreciation of 'Maya Bazaar'.

lll. Let's read the following skit.
Suhas                   : Amma, Amma.... .
Mother               : What, Suhas?
Suhas                   : My friends are planning to watch a movie. I too want to join them.
Mother               : Movies, movies, movies. No, I can't let you go to movies too often.
Suhas                   : My friends are making fun of me. They call me a bird in a cage.
  (Goes out disgusted taking his school bag.)
Mother               : Money, money, money. He always needs money. This is not a kid. It's an apparition.
Father                                 : (coming) Why are you shouting, Sarala? What did you say?
Mother               : Didn't you hear? An apparition.
Father                                 : Who is the apparition?
Mother               : Who else could I mean? It's your son.
Father                                 : Not your son? He needs money?
Mother               : Yes, he needs money. He watches movies. His life is movies.
  He doesn't care to study. All the children in the street are doing very well.
  But this devil ...... (Starts banging her head against the wounds.No blood)
Father                                 : No, Sarala. No, don't do it. (Mother falls down.)
Father                                 : Sarala..., Sarala...., have some water.
Father                                 : Sarala, we have to understand certain things.
Mother               : As if you have understood.... . You don't worry about anything.
  He doesn't study at all. He is after movies.
Father                                 : Wait! I'll find out.
Father                                 : Suhas, you didn't take your bicycle today. You didn't take your lunch box.
  You look tired...... .
Suhas                   : Amma doesn't understand me. She always makes fuss of me.
  She always wants me to do one thing; study.... study..... study. I want to go to a film. That too once a week. All my friends are going. I too want to go. Is it wrong on my part?
Father                                 : Why don't you try to understand your mother's concern?
  She is worried a lot about your future.
Suhas                   : But I am all right in my studies. I think, watching a film once a week, that too,
  watching a good film is not a sin.
Father                                 : Which film did you want to watch?
Suhas                   : "Life of Pi". It's an interesting movie with high technical values.
Father                                 : All right, my boy.
Father                                 : Sarala, the boy didn't want to do anything bad.
Mother               : But I have my own fears.
Father                                 : I do understand. Your fears may have reasons.
  But what Suhas wanted was just 20 rupees.
  And that too for watching an interesting film.
Mother               : Maybe I was wrong. We'll ask Suhas to go to the film. He is such a nice boy.
  He never troubles.
Father                                 : Come on. Let's have supper. Come, Suhas.

Now let's ponder over these points:
Keeping in mind the features of a skit discussed below, prepare a skit on the subject you like most.
A skit has all the characteristics of a play. Usually , it does have a message to convey. It has a plot (a beginning, a crisis and a resolution). However, there are certain differences with respect to time, number of characters, setting etc., The skit is more of an informal nature. The number of characters is less. The setting does not have much importance.

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