Saturday, May 31, 2014

Jamaican Fragment - Comprehension

I. Answer the following questions.
  1. 'I puzzled within myself,' says the narrator. What conclusion did he come to after this puzzling thought?
  2. 'For a whole day my faith in my people was shaken.' What do you think was the writer's faith? Why was it shaken?
  3. Why did the game next morning astonish the author? What did he see ?
  4. The second day, the narrator smiled as he remembered something. What made him laugh?
  5. Read the following sentences from the first paragraph:
“…I noticed two little boys playing in the garden…”
“The game, if it could be called a game, was not elaborate.”
From these two sentences, we can understand that the writer knows it is a game, but then why was he puzzled?
  1. If the writer had seen the second day's game on the first day, what would he have thought about it?
  2. Why did the white man feel surprised at the narrator's outburst? Eventually, he also smiled. Why?
  3. Did the white man believe in white supremacy? How do you know?
  4. How did the narrator come to the conclusion that grown-ups are silly?
  5. How did the story begin? How did the writer take the story forward?
What is the point of conflict? How did the story end?
What are the characters you empathize with?

B. Read the following sentences. Some of them are not in accordance with the story. Tick (..........) these sentences.
  1. The narrator was worried that even a very young white boy commanded the older black boy which indicated racial domination.
  2. The black boy played the role of servant on both the days and followed his brother's commands meekly.
  3. The white boy who was younger of the two played the role of the master and the older boy who was a black played the role of the servant on the first day.
  4. The narrator observed two boys playing a game one day when he was going for an evening walk.
  5. The little white boy commanded the black boy to perform a few tasks which the black boy did obediently.

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