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Environment - Vocabulary

I. Replace the underlined words in the following sentences with the words from the box that have the same meaning.
transplanted,       vegetation,       exotic,       negotiation,       restore,       equal rights,       sustain,      degrades,      equitably,     rehabilitation

  1. The government is trying to bring back normalcy in the riot-hit areas of the city.
  2. Wangari Maathai fought for the same privileges for men and women in Africa.
  3. I cannot hold my attention on any subject for a long time.
  4. The poster is offensive and disrespects women.
  5. Some people argue that the wealth in this world should be distributed fairly and reasonably among all.
  6. After certain amount of growth the seedlings have to be taken out and shifted elsewhere for further growth.
  7. She travels to all kinds of exciting locations all over the world.
  8. The Tirumala hills are covered by lust green plants.
  9. The judge advised the disputing parties for settlement through discussion.
  10. The alcohol addict has to be put in a recovery centre for becoming a normal person.
II. Read the following sentence and notice the underlined words.
Wangari Maathai is an environmentalist and has a lot of interest in ecology.

In the above sentence 'environmentalist' stands for 'a person who is concerned about the natural environment and wants to improve and protect it'. 'Ecology' stands for 'the study of relation of animals and plants to their surroundings. Both the words stand for many words. So they are called 'one-word substitutes'.

What are the following persons called?
  1. A person who studies the human race, especially of its origins.
  2. A person who studies the remains of buildings and objects found in the ground.
  3. A scientist who studies the earth, the origin of the history of rocks.
  4. A person who studies birds scientifically.
  5. A scientist who studies Physics.
  6. A doctor who studies and treats heart diseases.
  7. A person who believes in solving human problems with the help of reason.
  8. A scientist who studies animals and their behavior.
  9. A scientist who studies the mind of a person.
  10. A person who solves problems in a practical and sensible way.
  11. A person whose job is to take care of people's teeth.
  12. A person who studies languages.
III. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate forms of the underlined words.
  1. It is everyone's duty to keep the environs clean, with the co-operation of the citizens the government can protect the_____________________.
  2. The government of the day should show its capability by providing good ________________ to people.
  3. Wangari Maathai was successful in transforming women of Africa and the __________________made her happy.
  4. We must restore our environment and always try to ensure its ____________________________.
  5. Natural resources in this world can be sustained if only there is __________________________management of them.
  6. Wangari Maathai is an environment activist. Her___________________led her to win Nobel Peace Prize.
  7. We were trying to respond to the basic needs of the people in the rural areas. Our ___________________was well received by them.
  8. In a developed country, the _____________________________is balanced.
IV. Tick (..........) the meaning of the word underlined as suggested in the context.
  1. ‘For me, my greatest activity is to plant a tree,’ said Wangari Maathai
a)      a living thing with stem, roots, branches and leaves
b)      put seeds in the ground to grow
  1. My uncle wants to build a chemical plant in Hyderabad.
a)      a large machinery                    b)  a factory
  1. Applicant must have a clean driving licence.
a)      complete                                     b)  never done anything wrong
  1. He thinks that he should either resign or come clean.
a)      free from dirt                            b)  as not corrupt
  1. Rest your hand on my shoulder.
a)      the remaining part                  b)  support
  1. All our hopes rest on you.
a)      support                                        b)  depend
  1. A publishers note says: all rights reserved.
a)      protected                                    b)  correct
  1. I want this parcel to be sent right away.
a)      immediately                               b)  completely
  1. He knew this was his last hope of winning.
a)      final                                               b)  most recent
  1. The last thing she needed was more and more work.
a)      the only remaining part         b)  most recent

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