Sunday, May 25, 2014

Attitude is Altitude - Grammar

I. Defining and Non-defining Relative Clauses
Let us read the following sentences.
1. The woman who taught him surfing had been bitten off by a shark.
2. Nick, who was teased and bullied, had an electric wheel chair for mobility…..

What difference do you notice between sentence (1) and (2)? In sentence (1) the relative clause defines the woman. It is a Defining Relative Clause. In sentence (2) the Relative Clause adds extra information about Nick. This is a Non-defining Relative Clause.

A Non-defining Relative Clause is preceded and followed by a comma or a hyphen.
eg. The brave 26 year old – who is mainly torso – plays football and golf, swims and surfs.

  1. Read the text again and identify some more Defining and Non-defining Relative Clauses.
  1. _______________________________________________________
  2. _______________________________________________________
  3. _______________________________________________________
  4. _______________________________________________________
  5. _______________________________________________________

  1. Read the following sentences and circle the Non-defining Relative Clauses and put a comma / a hyphen wherever necessary.
1.       The meeting which was held in the town hall was a great success.
2.       The people who live in glass houses must not throw stones.
3.       Teachers who have taught Abhiram say that he is an exceptionally creative student.
4.       Nepolean who won the French honour died at St. Helena.
5.       Silk sarees which are made in Banares are popular all over the world.

  1. Complete the sentences with Defining or Non-defining Relative Clauses.
  1. This is the peaceful place _____________________________________.
  2. ‘Mahaprasthanam’ is a popular book _____________________________ .
  3. Suresh ___________________________ has left the school just now.
  4. Is this the street ___________________________________________ .
  5. The express _________________________________ has just arrived.
  6. The place ___________________________ has been closed to traffic.
  7. This is a famous engineering college ___________________________ .
  8. My sister_______________ has secured a job as an engineer in BHEL.
  9. The theatre ____________________________ was designed by Mr Rao.
  10. Viswanath is one of the outstanding directors in Telugu film industry________________ .

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