Sunday, May 25, 2014

Attitude is Altitude - Comprehension

1.      I call it my chicken drumstick. joked Nick. What does it refer to? How does it help him?
2.      His parents decided not to send him a special school. Was Nick happy about his parents decision? Why or why not? What do you think about this decision?
3.      How did Nicks parents help him to become independent?
4.      Pick out the symptoms of Nicks depression. Do you think his depression was normal or something unique about him? Give reasons for your opinion.
5.      Which incident in this text is funny? What makes it funny?
6.      What made Nick choose Bethany Hamilton to learn surfing?
7.      Which aspect of Nicks physical condition helps him to do 360 degree spin?
8.      What are the distinct features of this text? List them.
9.      What do you learn from the life of Nick Vujicic?
10.  Why do you think that Nicks depression was normal? Give reasons for your opinion.
11.  Describe any two incidents which state that Nick has a very good sense of humour.
12.  What qualities have made Nick a great person?
13.  What are exceptional abilities of Nick?
14.  What is Nicks opinion about his marriage?
15.  What were Nicks parents? How did they feel when Nick was born?
16.  What was Nicks disability?
17.  When Nick was 13, an incident inspired him. What was it (Or) What changed Nicks life, when he was 13?
18.  What did Nick decide to do after reading the article? (Or) What change in Nicks attitude did the article bring?
19.  How did Nick get him on the cover of Surfer magazine?
20.  How does Nick inspire people?
21.   What is the aim or goal of Nick?
22.  What do you know about Bethany Hamilton?
23.  What is Nicks message to people?
24.  What is the similarity between Nick and Bethany Hamilton?
25.  What made Nicks father leave the hospital room to vomit?
26.  Which article gave courage to Nick Vujicic?
27.  What did Nick try to do when he was ten?
28.  What do you know about Bethany Hamilton?


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