Monday, March 17, 2014

What is Man Without the Beasts? (Literary Terms)

Literary Terms
Literary elements: The essential techniques used in literature
(e.g., characterization, setting, plot, theme).
Literary devices: Tools used by the author to enliven and provide voice to the writing
(e.g., dialogue, alliteration).
Metaphor: The comparison of two unlike things in which no words of comparison (like or as) are used (e.g., That new kid in class is really a squirrel.).
Narrative: A story, actual or fictional, expressed orally or in writing.
Personification: An object or abstract idea given human qualities or human form
(e.g., Flowers danced about the lawn.).
Satire: A literary tone used to ridicule or make fun of human vice or weakness.
Simile: A comparison of two unlike things in which a word of comparison (like or as) is used (e.g., She eats like a bird.).
Metaphor  vs. Simile : A metaphor is direct relationship where one thing  is another
(e.g. “Juliet is the sun”).
A simile, on the other hand, is indirect and usually only likened to be similar to something else. Similes usually use “like” or “as”  (e.g. “Your eyes are like the ocean”).

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