Tuesday, March 11, 2014

True Height (Listening)

Listen to the commentary on a cricket match and answer the questions.

I. Tick () only the correct ones from the statements given below.
1. Sachin and Gambhir opened the Indian innings.              (              )
2. Umar Gul opened the Pakistan’s attack.                           (              )
3. Laxman is one among the Indian squad.                           (              )
4. Gul bowled out Gambhir.                                                  (              )
5. India is 14 without loss after the first over.                       (              )

II. Answer  the  following questions.
*1. Which two world teams of cricket do you like? Why?
2. Who are the openers?
3. Who are the commentators?

III. Complete the Score Board given below:
India Vs Pakistan
Name of the batsman
Runs scored
No. of balls faced
1. Sehwag

2. Gambhir


No. of overs bowled


No. of wickets lost

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