Tuesday, March 11, 2014

True Height (Glossary)

astroturf (n)       : a type of artificial grass surface used especially for sports grounds
pole vault (n)     : a sport in which you use a long pole to swing over a high barrier
a bird’s-eye view (n.phr) : view of all the aspects of something
hard-core (adj)                 : strong
motto (n)             : a saying that expresses aims and beliefs of a person
regimented (adj) : strict and organized
obsession (n)      : a state in which a person’s mind is completely filled with a thought of one particular thing  person
oblivious (adj)         : not aware of something / unaware
ritual (n)                   : any customary observance or practice
finger-tipped (adj)    : the tips of fingers touching the ground
envision (v)        : have a vision of somebody or something
runway (n)          : (here) running track
sprinting down (v)  : running at a very fast speed
swarmed with (v)   : surrounded by

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