Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Snake and the Mirror (Vocabulary)


I. Tick (✔) the correct meaning of the words underlined below.

1. The house was not electrified.
a. There was no electricity in the house.
b. The house was not away from the electricity board.
c. The house was not lit up.

2. The earnings were meagre.
a. very high         b. very small       c. nil

3. I also possessed one solitary black coat.
a. single                b. unique             c. expensive

4. I made another earth-shaking decision.
a. valuable          b. dangerous     c. important

5. The room was surrounded by darkness.
a. full of                b. covered          c. encircled

6. Some thief had removed most of my things.
a. damaged        b. destroyed      c. stolen

II. Read the following sentence from the text and notice the underlined word.
Suddenly there came a dull thud as if a rubber tube had fallen to the ground.
‘Thud’ means to fall with a low dull sound.

Here is a list of words related to sounds. Say what these words mean. Refer to a dictionary.






III. Use the linkers  given in the box to complete the story. A linker may be used more than once.

A young doctor lived in a village. The doctor told his friends an interesting story about himself and a cobra. It was a hot summer night. _________________ he opened the door, he heard a sound _________________ was well known to him. He and rats shared the same room. There was no electricity in the house, _________________ he took out a box of matches and lit a kerosene lamp. He took off his clothes and lay down _________________ he could not sleep. He got up from the bed and started reading a story-book. Near the table there was a mirror, _________________ tempted him to look into at himself. He was unmarried _________________ he was particular about his handsomeness. He wanted to marry a woman doctor _________________had plenty of money and should be fat. _________________ he was having such thoughts, suddenly he felt _________________ a rubber tube had fallen to the ground _________________ a snake landed on his shoulder. At that time the only thing he could do was to pray to God. The snake would bite him at any moment _________________ suddenly it turned its head and started admiring its beauty in the mirror. The doctor was thus
saved .
as if,   but,  who,  when,  which,  so, while

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