Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Snake and the Mirror (Glossary)


full-blooded (adj)   : strong
meagre (adj)    : small in quantity
solitary (adj)    : single
vest (n)            : a garment worn under a shirt / a piece of underwear
gable (n)          : upper part of a wall below a sloping roof
parting (n)       : a line on a person’s head where the hair is divided with a comb
pace (v)           : to walk up and down many times
thud (n)           : (here) a dull sound made when a heavy object falls
wriggled (v)    : moved by twisting and turning
slithered (v)    : moved / glided
quarters (n)     : parts of the body
hood (n)          : (here) a hood-like structure on the head of a snake
molten (adj)    : heated to a very high temperature
lurk(ed) (v)     : be about / lie in wait
mascara (n)      : a substance put on eyelashes to make them look dark and thick
vermilion (adj) : bright red in colour
I was no image cut in granite    : the doctor no longer stood there like a statue
a man of flesh and blood           : a normal man (The doctor became normal.)
reedy (adj)      : not pleasant
sprinter (n)      : a fast runner
taken with (phr.v)   : attracted by

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